We, Sun Metal & Alloys, are paying huge attention to the quality of its products and services. We look beyond today to envision the steel of tomorrow. Because quality outcomes depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nurture the best people to deliver superior solutions to our customers.

    We are committed to creating value for all our customers by continually standardizing, improving, and innovating our offerings, systems, and processes by involving the latest technologies and our highly efficient employees. Our team constantly strives to improve the quality of products and services through excellence in all facets of its activities and processes.

    We shall continually improve our processes to understand changing customer needs and preferences and use the same as input for periodically reviewing and revising performance standards of our products and services.

    We provide Relevant Chemicals & Physical Analysis Certificate along with the supply of Materials, according to the International standards. We accept Zero Defect as a quality absolute and shall design and operate our quality system accordingly.

Testing & Quality Control

Testing is a process or procedure used to check the composition of an unknown metallic substance. There are destructive processes and non-destructive processes. Metal testing can also include determining the properties of newly forged metal alloys. With many chemical-property databases readily available, identifying unmarked pure, common metals can be a quick and easy process.

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