Ring Joint Gaskets are fully metallic, milled gasket constructions, which are mainly used for applications with high pressures and/or temperatures. Typical applications are in refineries in the petrochemical industry. With regards to surface quality, that the flange and the gaskets have to have an accurately treated surface without scratches and damage.

IDT-RTJ-gaskets are manufactured following ASME B16.20 [DIN EN 12560-5] and API 6A for flanges according to API 6B and ASME/ ANSI B16.5 and ASME/ANSI B 16.47. Every ring joint gasket is allocated an identification number [R, BX, RX] which is described in the standard with regards to its dimensions using the ring number. A roughness of 1.6 Ra [6.4 Rz] should not be exceeded for the contact surfaces of the types R and RX; type BX requires a roughness of max. 0.8 Ra [3.2 Rz].

Ring Joint Gasket Range and Specifications

Size ½” (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB)
High Nicke Alloy Nickel Alloy 200, Nickel Alloy 201, Inconel-600, Inconel-601, Inconel-625, Inconel-718, Incoloy-800, Incoloy-825, Monel-400, Monel-K500, Hastelloy-C22, Hastelloy-C276.
Stainless Steel 304, 304L,304H,304S, 316, 316L,316 Ti, 316H, 309, 310, 310S, 317L, 321, 347, 409, 410, 420, 430, 440, 446, 904L. etc.
Duplex Steel Duplex 2205 / UNS S31803, Super Duplex S32750 / S32760, Super Duplex UNS 32950.
Alloy Steel F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F21, F22 & F91 F92
Carbon Steel A 105, LF 2, LF 3, A36, ST 52, A 1018.

Types Of Ring Joint Gasket

  • Oval cross-section Industry Ring Joint Gaskets and     Octagonal cross section Ring Joint Gaskets are used     in pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • The hardness of the ring gasket should always be     30% lesser than the hardness of the flanges to     prevent flange deformation
  • Dimensions and Tolerances for Ring Joint Gaskets     and Grooves are covered in API 6A and ASME B16.20.
  • We stock a wide range of sizes and materials ready     for immediate shipment from Ring Numbers R11 to     R105.
  • Specially designed for very high pressure
  • All BX gaskets incorporate a pressure balance hole     to ensure equalisation of pressure, which may get     trapped in the grooves
  • Only suited for API BX flanges and grooves
  • Available from BX150 to BX303
  • SBX type Ring Type Joint Gaskets are as per API 17D     standard.
  • Dimensions and tolerances of SBX type are as per     API 6A, but it consists of additional pressure     passage hole. The hole comes as per two options as     stated in API 17D standard depending upon the     requirement of the application where the flange is     installed.
  • SBX type gaskets are strictly produced only using     non corrosive material as per the requirement of API     17D standard.
  • An adaptation of the standard ‘r’ type gasket
  • Designed to fit the same groove design
  • Interchangeable with standard r type gaskets
  • Available from rX20 to rX215
  • Combination rings or transition rings combine two different sizes having the same pitch diameter permitting bolt     up of differing size flanges
  • SrX type gaskets are similar to rX gaskets
  • But SrX Ring Joint Gaskets come with a special vent hole to allow water to escape in subsea applications
  • Ring Joint Gaskets can also be manufactured as a blind profile
  • Ring Joint Gaskets Rubber Coated
  • Rubber coated oval/octagon Ring Joint Gaskets (usually steel) are used in pressure testing to minimise damages     to flanges
  • Rubber contact points provide additional seals while protecting the flange surfaces
  • Kammpro-orJ Ring Joint Gaskets are sized to the standard octagonal aPI 6a or aSMe B16.20 dimensions
  • With the addition of the Kammpro design, these Kammpro-OCT Ring Joint Gaskets are applied to the sealing areas and     faced with oxidation inhibited flexible graphite
  • The design is ideal for applications where cracking or embitterment has been experienced in ring joint groove
  • Kammprofile – PEG with Kammprofiled sealing surfaces are ideal for high pressure reactors where a rX type ring     is typically used
  • Frequently, custom ring is used in the top and bottom of hydro processing reactors
  • gasket surfaces are serrated as per Kammprofiled specifications and are faced with oxidation inhibited flexible     graphite.
  • It has the benefits of under compression graphite flows into minor imperfections creating higher seal tightness.
  • Kammpro-adapter gaskets allow ring type joint flanges to be mated up to a raised face flanges
  • They utilise the strengths of the full metallic with the added benefit of kamm profiled sealing surfaces laminated     with flexible graphite
  • Since the pitch of the groove is sufficiently located under the raised face, this design is among the stoutest of     adapter styles
  • The Bridgeman gasket is a pressure-activated gasket typically used on pressure vessel heads and valve bonnets     for pressures of 1500 psi and above
  • The cross section of the gasket is such that the internal pressure acting against the ring forces is turned against     the containing surface, creating a self-energized seal
  • Bridgeman gaskets are frequently silver-plated or lead-plated
  • This ensures in providing a softer surface and minimises the force required to flow the gasket metal into the     flange surface
  • A delta gasket is a pressure-actuated gasket used primarily on pressure vessels and valve bonnets at high     pressures in excess of 5000 psi
  • As with the lens gasket, complete drawings and material specifications must be supplied
  • Internal pressure forces the gasket material to expand, whereas the pressure forces tend to separate the flanges
  • Extremely smooth surface finishing of 63 micro inches or smoother is required when using this type of gasket
  • A lens type gasket is a line contact seal used in high pressure piping systems and in pressure vessel heads
  • The lens cross-section is a spherical gasket surface and requires special machining on the flanges
  • These gaskets fit with a small bolt load since the contact area is small and gasket seating pressures are very     high
  • Normally, the gasket materials should be softer than the flange

    When ordering lens gaskets, complete drawings and material specifications must be supplied.

  • A composite gasket that utilises a serrated metal core with a soft facing material
  • The metal core is machined on each contact face with concentric serrations, providing high pressure areas
  • This ensures the soft coating flows into any imperfections in the flange even at relatively low bolt loads
  • The soft facing material is engineered to compress into the serrations on the core and form a thin film across the peaks creating the ideal sealing density in the grooves of the profile
  • The result? You get a gasket that combines the benefits of soft cut materials with the advantages of seal integrity associated with metallic gaskets
  • Expanded graphite is the most common facing material used for Camprofile gaskets
  • However, other materials can also be used. For instance, PTFE for chemically aggressive duties and mica for high temperature services
  • Standard core design is parallel which offers the advantage of even stress distribution across the gasket face
  • Convex Cam profiles are also available which have a reduced depth of grooves towards the Profile Centre
  • This type of profile ensures a high seating stress in the middle of the profile and is effective for low bolt load     applications

Application Industries

We offer a broad range of Stainless Steel ,high nickel alloys & other material product through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These material is use in various industries like :

Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Natural Gas Organization, Fats, Fertilizers, Sugar Mills & Distilleries, Cement Industries, Ship Builders, Paper Industries, Pumps, Automation, Paints, Steel Industries, etc.

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